Tiwa Savage Becomes Rotary Celebrity Ambassador For Polio Eradication

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nollywoodgists.com

Music star and Marvin goddess Tiwa Savage is the newest face to join Rotary’s ‘This Close’ public awareness campaign for polio eradication.

Tiwa Savage who is Nigeria’s biggest pop star according to CNN has joined the Rotary cause in achieving a polio-free world. Ms Savage will raise awareness about the vaccine-preventable disease.

According to the Rotary press release, “Her participation in this program comes at a critical juncture. Last year, Nigeria experienced a polio outbreak that paralysed four children after passing nearly two years without a case of the disease. Her involvement in the campaign will raise important awareness that will help ensure the outbreak is stopped.”

Tiwa Savage also spoke about her role in eradicating polio: “This is a cause that hits close to home for me, not only as a mother of a small child but as a proud Nigerian, whose country has been battling this disease for many years.”

Source: The Nigerian Voice (entertainment)

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