To make heaven, Kenyan man chops off his ‘useless’ penis, throws it to dog (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A man in Naivasha, Kenya, left neighbours in shock when he chopped off his private parts and threw them to a dog “because the Bible ordered him to discard any body part that would deter him from entering heaven”.

It was reported on Thursday that the man said the private parts were of no value to him.

A police officer with the knife a man in Naivasha used to cut off his private parts in Karai, Naivasha, March 30, 2017. /GEORGE MURAGE

Residents look inside the house where a man in Karai, Naivasha, cut off his private parts, March 30, 2017. /GEORGE MURAGE

He started with a razor blade but finished cutting it off with a knife.

Screams from his one-room house attracted members of the public who called police for help.

After about 30 minutes of writhing in pain and heavy bleeding, the man was taken to Naivasha subcounty hospital.

Joseph Chege, a resident, told journalists they found the man half naked and bleeding heavily.

“The man claimed the Bible ordered him to discard any body part that would deter him from entering heaven,” Chege said.

He said despite the incident, the man was able to eat some bread with soda before police came to his rescue.

Chege also said the man worked in one of the quarries and never interacted with residents.

James Kabono termed the incident shocking, adding they were trying to understand why the man harmed himself.

“He decided to cut off the most important part of the body,” Kabono said.

A woman at the scene claimed the man was impotent and decided to sever the body part “as it was not of any service to him”.

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Joseph Mburu, the superintendent in charge of the hospital, said the man was in critical condition.

“He has been taken to the theatre…we hope he shall recover,” he said.

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SOURCE: African Spotlight