Toke Makinwa reveals how she got the title of her book, “On becoming”.

Toke Makinwa has revealed how she came about the title of her new book – “On Becoming”. She revealed this via a post on Instagram.

The first time author who is continuing her book tour in the U.S. later this month wrote:

Someone asked me why the title “On Becoming”. The Holy Spirit gave me that name. I remember thinking of a name for this project and when I got “OnBecoming…” I wasn’t quite sure why or what it meant in totality but on a flight to Houston yesterday it hit me, I am a work in progress, no full stop till I’m gone. I am unfinished, incomplete, the story is still being written, the race is long and God has given me purpose.

The last few years of my life hasn’t been the easiest but thru it all I have grown, I am becoming. I’ve heard people say “are you the only one to go thru tough times” and my response remains the same. – what did you do with what you went thru? How did you help someone else grow thru your struggle, the purpose is always bigger than the pain, did you learn all you have to keep it to yourself?

It’s ok not to get the vision, it is not for everyone. I feel Empowered, I feel chosen, and again the lord has sent me on another mission. Something big is coming.. #Imusthavemyown#OnBecomingEmpowered #2017mission#onbecomingbytokemakinwa#onbecomingmedatour

SOURCE: yabaleft(entertainment)