Tony Nwoye Denies God Father Arthur Eze On Channels TV Show

In a move which signals the rancor and conflict that would engulf Anambra State if Hon Tony Nwoye mistakenly finds his way to Awka Government House, the APC candidate today has denied his godfather, Arthur Eze, and display stack ignorance about the state of Anambra economy on Channels Television programme Politics Today.

Prodded by the Presenter to justify his surprise emergence as the APC candidate in the party Primaries, Nwoye denied the sponsorship of his benefactor, Chief Eze, who bankrolled his primaries with over N20million, and recently confirmed the well-known fact on live television during the APC Flag-off Rally. Said the Ukpo godfather: “We have suffered so much under Peter. That’s why I brought Tony Nwoye so he is going to be governor. He is a poor man from very poor village…a very poor man.”

In another breath, candidate Nwoye could not give a clear reason in the form of a Manifesto to explain why he is seeking to govern Anambra; Hear him” I want to take Anambra to higher level. Every Anambra person is a businessman, among the South East Anambra works very hard. I want to make it possible.”

As if that glib talk is not enough sign of his lack of depth, Nwoye went on to make a false claim; “Anambra has the highest poverty index. I want to take many of them out of poverty.” Even when the surprised Presenter asked, can you substantiate this claim with statistics? Nwoye retorted; “I am a member of Committee in the House, it is National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).” Again the Presenter pressed, what are the figures? Unfortunately, Nwoye unwittingly exposed his ignorance with the answer, “I don’t have the exact figures.”

Reacting to the development, an Economist and Public Affairs Analyst, Dr. Ernest Umeadi, expressed surprise at the obvious lack of appreciation of the current economic status of Anambra state as exhibited by a gubernatorial candidate on national television. “I must say that Nwoye is his own worst enemy, why did he dabble in areas he does not have full grasp off. “Who told him that Anambra has the highest poverty index in Nigeria?” I heard he is a Medical Doctor, but he could at least get people who are knowledgeable in the area to advise him properly. Many people did not know that Anambra state economy actually grew by 0.9% during the recession when the national economy was in decline.”

In his assessment, Mr. Ethel Okonkwo a community leader in Nawfia, who watched the programme, said: “Nwoye is obviously putting a bold face for now but this is not a good sign. I can see what may befall our state if our people allow the machinations of godfathers to overwhelm us during the elections.”

Ekene writes from Nawfia


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (politics)

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