number one story

In a time of mounting cultural isolationism, it’s encouraging to see African music continuing to gain acceptance across the globe.  Here are some of the extremely varied acts that are flourishing and breaking boundaries.

Ethiopian Landfill number two story

With her fashion line, Studio One Eighty Nine, Rosario Dawson has become a champion of sustainable African design.

Muhammadu Buhari

By supplying structure, teaching teamwork, and providing creative expression, dance is improving the lives of Rwanda’s forgotten street children.

The San People

Get to know one of Nigeria’s most heralded young photographers, Lubabetu Abubakar, whose work symbolizes the tremendous energy and excitement of Nigeria’s burgeoning art scene.

Dangote Coal Supplies

A beautifully innovative short film, Mami Wata, is a moving piece of art, as well as a creative tour de force of branding.

Archaeological Site

Previously shunned as low-brow, Mauritius’ sega music is getting new respect due to the powerful history from which it originally emerged.

Morocco Startups

South African photographer, Zanele Muholi, is known as a visual activist because of the way she uses her art to impart messages and incite action.  See some of the works that prompted Art Review to name her Africa’s most powerful female artist.


These Short Films From Blood Orange’s ‘Freetown Sound’ Are Required Viewing

See the latest works from Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, whose musical genius is brought to new heights via the stirring short films he created to accompany the tracks from his Sierra Leone-inspired album, ‘Freetown Sound.’

Cameroon's Digital Industry

While the buzz has never been stronger about the African art market, collectors are still proving to be cautious in their embrace of contemporary African works.

Cyclists Battle Mother Nature

Hear the latest form Montreal musician, Pierre Kwenders, whose new album aims to blend, and appeal to, African and western cultures.