number one story

Get the inside scoop on the latest design collaboration between Ikea and Design Indaba, which is blending the best of African and Scandinavian design.

Ethiopian Landfill number two story

It’s taken a long time for African models to get an equal footing on the world’s fashion runways, but thanks to these trailblazers, progress is being made one glamorous step at a time.

Muhammadu Buhari

British-Nigerian furniture designer, Yinka Ilori, explains how he channels his cultural influences into his creations, and the importance of using design as a tool for storytelling.

The San People

See the new collection by SA designer, Thebe Magugu, that made heads turn and minds think at the latest South African Fashion Week.

Dangote Coal Supplies

With Africa on everyone’s style radar, is it any wonder that France’s latest ‘it’ girls all share African ancestry?  Learn who’s on the “A” list.

Archaeological Site

As a means of combating racism in India, photographer Mahesh Shantaram, decided to focus his lens on the problem.

Morocco Startups

Listen to the tracks on okayafrica’s latest playlist, which pay tribute to Africa’s dreamers and doers.


Ethiopian Refugee Living In Edmonton Takes His Own Story To The Big Screen

Zekarias Mesfin knows first hand the plight of the refugee, and his story is now being shared with the world in a new film.

Cameroon's Digital Industry

Hear the music of Montreal’s H’Sao, which draws inspiration from the bands roots in Chad.

Cyclists Battle Mother Nature

Learn about the treasure trove of African antiquities that stock the halls of China’s National Museum.