Troops Rescue 3,475 BH Captives, Arrested 167 Insurgents,, Killed 186BHT, Recovered Arms, Ammunitions, Vehicles From BHT…As 367 Book HaramInsurgents Voluntarily Surrendered

The Theater Commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Rogers Nicholas has on Wednesday said that from the period he assumed office on 11 the December 2017 to February 2018,, over the past one and a half months, troops deployed to the theater command of operation Lafiya dole have remained resilient, dauntless and focused on the Counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations in the North East.

A review of the activities within this period indicated that Boko Haram Terrorists were in disarray having suffered defeat in the Sambisa forest as operational activities led to clearnace of BHT enclaves and destruction of their local manufacturing factories, warehouses, logistics, food stuff, vehicles while NAF strikes team carried out 71 missions and 94 sorties from the air and 3,475 civilians were rescued.

He stated this Wednesday at the monthly update on the activities of Operation LAFIYA DOLE held at the Theater Command Headquarters Maimalari Cantonment Maiduguri.

He added that the period under review was characterised by heavy artillery and aerial bombardments culminating in a series of ground offensives to clear identified Boko Haram enclaves in the Islands of the Lake Chad, also known as the a�?Tumbusa�? and Camp Zairo in the Sambisa.

Summarily, General Rogers said within the period under review, 186 Boko Haram insurgents were killed in combat. 49 Gun trucks, 3 Yellow Buckets trucks, 14 VBIEDs, 4 Toyota Buffalo, 13 Pick-up vehicles, 3 water tankers, 3 Canter trucks, 19 Hilux vehicles, 15 AK 47 Rifles, 3 FN rifles and several other assorted fire arms, as well as logistics were destroyed during the fire fight, as troops engaged the insurgents and this has severely depleted the ranks and logistics of the insurgent group.

According to him, 750 BHT surrendered in Monguno, 63 BHT surrendered in Damboa, 90 BHT were surrendered on Mora and Cameroon Republic, 167 were captured in Maiduguri and 250 surrendered in Diffa, Niger Republic

He said in the operations many boko haram insurgents have been killed, others have fled for safety, while some others surrendered to our troops and allies in the Multinational Joint Task Force.

Many other insurgents who escaped from the onslaught also took advantage of the AMNESTY offered by the Nigerien Government to surrender to Nigerien Defence Forces. Close air support provided by the Air Task Force and Artillery bombardments were further reinforced by ground troops with blocking forces that denied the insurgents freedom of action and access to logistics, thereby canalizing them to Camp Zairo in the Sambisa. Troops are also tracking and hunting down the fleeing insurgents with fighting patrols and ambushes.

The theater commander said in these operations, 750 insurgents surrendered to troops in the general area of Monguno, while 63 insurgents surrendered in the Damboa and Chibok areas. Ninety insurgents equally surrendered to Cameroon Defence Forces.

“A total of 167 insurgents were captured by troops during the operations. The intensity of the operations also resulted in the surrendering of about 250 insurgents to the Nigerien Defence Forces.”

These precursor operations dovetailed into Operation DEEP PUNCH II; a major coordinated Land, Maritime and Air operations to rout out the insurgents from their enclaves in the Lake Chad Islands otherwise known as the a�?Tumbusa�?. Long range fighting patrols have also continued to trail and seek out BHT hideouts as well as protect liberated areas from fleeing and prowling BHT elements. I will expatiate on some of these operations as this press briefing unfolds, he said.

According to him, a combined troops of Operation Lafiya Dole and elements of CJTF and vigilante cleared Fai a�� Dendere in Damboa Local government area of Borno state while the troops destroyed camps at Adole and Yajiwa. The troops also captured and destroyed 5 Motorcycles, 40 bicycles, grinding machine, motorcycle workshop, food stuff and IED materials abandoned by fleeing BHT in the camp.

He said troops on escort duty to Logomani countered BHT ambush at Maula village along Gajiboa��Logomani. The troops successfully fought through the ambush, killing 6 Boko Haram insurgents and recovered 2 AK 47 rifles, 3 locally fabricated fire arms and a belt of 7.62mm ammunition.

“In a further exploitation by the troops into Maula, Tongule and Warge villages, they recovered one FN rifle, five FN magazines, 54 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO), two BHT banners, one grinding machine, two motorcycles, three bicycles, four generators, two Ladders and one shovel.”

“Troops on Clearance Operations on 16 December, 2017 cleared BHT in an encounter at Chinene and Chikide, killing four BHT, while some of the insurgent escaped with gunshot wounds. In a separate operation on 16 December 2017, troops ambushed and killed two BHT at Firgi.

“The troops also recovered One Light Machine Gun and one Magazine. Other items recovered include 2 Machetes, 10 Bicycles, 11 Blankets, 5 water bottles, 25 clothing and 8 sacks of food. While troops on patrol to Bula Yobe and Darel Jamel encountered and killed three BHT as well as recovered one Ak 47 rifle, one bicycle and two machetes. In the same vein, one BHT was killed while planting IED along Firgi road. Troops recovered one gas cylinder and one Motorcycle from the spot,” Nicholas said.

“On 23 December 2017, following intelligence reports troops tracked and engaged BHT who had rustled about 200 cows at Makandari village in Kala Balge Local Government Area. The troops killed two of the insurgents and recovered one AK 47 rifle, one empty magazine and two motorcycles.

“In another encounter on 6 Jan 2018, troops on clearance patrol to Tumbun Gini, engaged and killed one BHT, while two others were captured. Troops also recovered one AK 47 rifle, two Motorcycles and 3 mobile Phones.

“In another operation, combined troops of Operation Lafiya Dole and vigilantes on 16 January 2018 successfully ambushed BHT escaping from troopsa�� pursuit at Pallam village. The troops killed two BHT in the ambush and recovered two AK 47 rifles.

“On 24 January 2018, troops sprang ambush against fleeing BHT insurgents at an identified BHT crossing point at Firgi killing two insurgents and recovering one AK 47, one FN rifle, one Motorcycle, the sum of Ten Thousand, Five Hundred Naira (N10, 500.00), General Rogers said.


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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