Two Ebola Patients Die In DR Congo After Fleeing Hospital

Two patients in DR Congo confirmed to be infected with Ebola have died after they fled from hospital.

According to Medecins Sans Frontieres’ (MSF), which runs a medical charity in the country, three patients left the isolation unit at Wangata hospital in Mbandaka and two of them were found dead while the third person has been placed under observation.

Dr. Henry Gray, emergency co-ordinator of MSF, said that the patients were aided by their families to leave the hospital.

“The two others were helped to leave the hospital by their families in the middle of the night on Monday,” he said. “One of the men died at home and his body was brought back to the hospital for safe burial with the help of the MSF teams; the other was brought back to the hospital yesterday morning and he died during the night.”

Congo’s health ministry had announced six new confirmed cases of Ebola in the country. That took the number of confirmed cases to 28, with 21 placed on probable and two suspected to have been infected with the virus.

Ebola was found to have resurfaced in Congo in the first week of May.


SOURCE :sahara reporters (news)

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