Vex Wan Kill Me

The vex high so-tay I no fit vex, but I come vex higher. Na yonda wey be 121+9 street

inside heaven I dey stay vex.
You wan come? I no think say you go come. I hear say most Nigerians no dey vex.

Dem no dey like uprising wen country bad pass bad as e’dey today.

Fela don talk am say dem sabi to laugh and smile, even clap and dance inside pain and die;

most no dey vex for bad government. Na Sidon look dem be.

Vex wan kill me.
Many dey promote and support, some dey kill and destroy for bad government wey dey make

life hard for dem, even kill dem like the one wey dey now.

Na Sidon look, happy and smiling clappers and dancers dem be. Na vex I be. No bottle abi na

jerry-can fit hold my vex; e-bin start some years ago.

The tori na true tori wey long pass River longest. My vex pass speed; e’pass current for water

wey fit give light to Africa.
Na Congo this speed water dey. I vex pass this water, as I dey write this tori wey wan kill me.

As I see say the vex wan kill me the vex come vex pass the River longest, the speed water; so

I vex the highest.
Vex wan kill me; na vex I be.
59 years don pass. Wetin plenty for Nigeria na pain. Na hardship; poverty and pain wey cause vex

plenty for Nigeria, dem plenty for Africa.
Poverty, insecurity and cry, death and the dead wey dey waka plenty for Nigeria. The vex come

multiply, but most people no wan vex; dem enjoy to suffer and smile,

You see why vex wey fit destroy and dey already destroy no fit stop?

Vex plenty everywhere for the country. Who no fit say 59 new years go pass and pump water and light,

abi better hospitals no go come?
Who no fit talk say good roads, libraries and other better things wey fit help children and mature people,

the elderly get better life and happy, no go enter Nigeria; who ni fit beat em chest with dis truth?

Buhari, National Assembly people, ministers and governors, now dem no even get minsters, even

many other people for government everywhere dey jump enter aeroplane go take treatment for human

beings their land.
Na dem say these people be human beings o, and dem wey dey jump with people money go take

treatment and enjoyment na animals?
No be me talk am, I just dey ask wetin dem mean!
Oh, na for better people land dem say dem go happy after treatment? Dem dey go there like say dem

dey leave house enter backyard or enter mama-put house for street go chop quick garri with Okro soup

wey fit run their belly.
You see why dem no wan make pump water; dem no wan make good hospitals, good roads and schools for

our pikin dem; so I come ask say na wen dis wahala and pain go stop?

For Jonathan and OBJ time dem steal pass rats; everywhere na stealing. Tives inside government pass armed

robbers for streets. But food bin dey pass Buhari time. Hardship no bin plenty like today.

Na pain everywhere dey pain me so. And na des people wey cos am. Na people wey dey jump go

where better people dey, where dem dey take treatment and enjoy cos am.

Na Dubai, America and London, with Paris dem dey run go like store for backyard. Now China with Turkey,

but no be the turkey we dey chop, don join their places for enjoyment and better treatment.

Nawah, and wa- waawah for Nigerian government wey no dey catch shame…dem don tive the country blind!

Na vex dem don turn me. My vex fast pass speed. Oh, na light e’ fast pass!

My vex long pass River longest. If na Mount Everest be the tallest, my vex tall pass am, and pass am too.

Vex and cry dey everywhere. Cleanup for Ogoni and to help fix the people with better life, na lie government

dey talk.
For Ijaw land and Itsekiri, other places wey government don destroy with NNPC and Shell Oil, and comot

money dey die like flies and bury.
But na more oil and more pollution, contamination and hunger; na suffering and death wey government

with the oil companies get for the people. Why shame no dey fit catch dem?

Na wicked dem be; devil work plenty for their chest and belly.

Na wyo government dey do on the cleanup, because na wyo dem be. Every other people dey vex, but dem

no wan vex for change.
Vex wan kill me, but most Nigerians no dey vex for bad and lie lie government; if dem been vex with

government something for don change. No body wan uprising; plenty of dem no get revolution inside their

How bad government and vex go come stop if people no stop the wyo and tive people inside government wey

dey misrule; you wan join my vex, and you fit do serious vex work to comot bad and tive governments?

All the oil money Nigerian army and the politicians with their families, friends with business friends don eat and

bury some but no be for bury-ground; some, dem hide dem for far far better people land. Yes, dem steal the oil

All the corruption, the killings wey dem take their eyes see and no dey do anything, the people wey government

self dey kill with no work and hunger, bullets and yamayama from oil, dey vex me too much.

Vex wan kill me!
Bottle abi na water tank, the mountain wey tall pass tall no fit take my vex. Na vex I be. Nigeria wey tive tive

Britain bin force on our peoples no wan change for better. So I dey vex because Nigeria don pass dead body wey

no dey shake; e’no fit see, hear or talk; e’no get shame.

Nigeria no fit cry abi na to help and smile wen em do better, because na wicked em be; na agbero Nigeria be, and

na me talk am. The hope wey dey, na for revolution; na for uprising wey Adaka Boro, Saro-Wiwa and few others bin

Dis vex wan kill me; na vex i don be; the vex dey make my body too hot. I no need cold water until everybody vex; we

enter streets; close government down; bring true change wey go make everyone but the tives happy!


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (opinions)

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