'War For the Planet of the Apes' Brings Dramatic Trailer to CinemaCon

Caesar made his way into Caesar’s Palace Thursday.

War for the Planet of the Apes showed off a new trailer at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, as well as an extended scene introducing a new character (that scene previously screened for press in December during a Fox presentation.) 

War, which opens July 14, is the third film in the rebooted Apes franchise and once again stars Andy Serkis as Caesar, leader of the apes.

Woody Harrelson’s character “The Colonel” is a human military leader out to destroy the apes.

“I did not start this war. I fight only to protect apes,” says Caesar.

In another trailer-perfect line, the Col. says: “There are times when it is necessary to abandon our humanity to save humanity.”  

Director Matt Reeves was busy completing the film so he couldn’t make the trip to Vegas to introduce the trailer. Other stars of Fox’s film include Judy Greer, Steve Zahn and Karin Konoval, Gabriel Chavarria and Chad Rook.

During the presentation, Fox Vice Chairman and President of Production Emma Watts gave a shout out to VFX house Weta Digital, which she noted that for this film, included performance capture work for the apes on location in the snow. The previous two Planet of the Apes films earned Oscar nominations for visual effects.

The Fox presentation was full of showmanship, opening with a breakdancing musical number set to a remix of “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” The studio also introduced new footage for several of its other promising films: The Kingsman sequel, Jennifer Lawrence’s sexy spy thriller Red Sparrow, Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express and the Hugh Jackman-starrer The Greatest Showman, a musical about PT Barnum.

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SOURCE: Hollywood