Warner Bros. Exec Sue Kroll Addresses Windowing Issue at CinemaCon

The studio presented its slate Wednesday in Las Vegas.

While studio execs and exhibitors have been discussing the status of theatrical windows behind the scenes at CinemaCon this week, Sue Kroll, Warner Bros. president, worldwide marketing and distribution, became the first studio exec to address the topic from the stage at Caesar’s Palace, where Warners presented its upcoming slate Wednesday.

“Consumer tastes are changing, and that is changing the way we do business. What our customers are telling us is they want more choices with how and where they watch content,” the exec said at the beginning of the studio’s presentation.

“Where there is demand, somebody is going to step in and fill that void. We have to be innovative,” she said. “Together, I believe, is the way to move towards a future that will be beneficial and profitable to all of us.”

Still, Kroll told the audience of theater owners that the movie theater “is and always will be the cathedral and the temple of this art form.”

While rival studios have all offered proposals involving various terms for shortening the exclusive theatrical window so they can begin making their movies available earlier on premium VOD, Warners is said to have proposed that movies be made available on PVOD 17 days after their original release for $50 a viewing. 

Source: Hollywood