Welcome to Federal Republic of Fulani

The ongoing bias treatment doling out to some sections in the country should be a grave concern to all well meaning Nigerians. I will base my views on how Buhari led government is handling ethnic clash in Ile-Ife. It is highly condemnable seeing people who rode to power on the wheel of uniting the nation engaging in atrocities that is threatening our diversity.

Just in less than one week all the security outfits were up to task and high profiled government officials had made it fit to visit the boiled area where Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba clashed. Instead of finding lasting solution to the snowballing crisis across the country, the security apparatus of Buhari led government arrested and detained only Yorubas as suspects of this inhuman crisis. Not only that they publicly justified their action for arresting a host community defending their territory from hijackers.

To all praise singers and ardent supporters of this government, I will put these to you; why has this government failed to arrest a single Fulani herdsman since May 29, 2015 that they came to power despite their cancerous barbarities?

Have you seen Dambazau visiting any area where Fulani herdsmen perpetrated their carnages against farmers?

Were there no security outfits to arrest killers of the Agatu in Benue, Nimbo in Enugu, Southern Kaduna and so on?

Why have they not brought Fulani killers squad to Abuja and paraded them before the whole world?

Why did Buhari led government keep referring to Fulani killers squad as foreigners that cannot be prosecuted?

A notable Governor paid killers of his people and no security apparatus invited him for interrogation why he deemed it fit to support evil.

We should ask them why they allowed killers of the Igbo woman in Kano and another Yoruba woman in Abuja to go unpunish?

If truly our patriotism is to this nation then the above raised questions should be of concern to all. If this is not an ethnic cleansing then what is it? If this government is not propagating born to rule agenda then what is it? If Buhari is keeping mute on these issues then who is he serving? Remember Binta Nyako is orchestrating Sharia law for purported offence against Federal Republic of Nigeria. If you think this matter is to support a political party or a demigod then you need to have a rethink.

What played out in Ile-Ife has indicated where Buhari led government is taking Nigerians to in the next 2years. It is a pity that because of political correctness, our traditional rulers, elites and human right activists are handicap to outrightly reject these ignoble acts. If this narrative continues unabated in no distant time your subjects will become refugees in their own country and your thrones will be desecrated by cattle.

Also, for those youth on social media who have turned to online politicians, your future is being threatening by your applauded Fulani Masters but you’re busy following fake certificates, Magu’s rejection, old man uniform and Sahara Reporters’ characters assassination melodies. May be you don’t know that your territory is under alarm, your money making machines are in their hands; Petroleum Ministry, Nigeria Port Authority, NNPC and Custom. Likewise your security outfits; Interior Ministry, NSA, 90% of Army key positions, DSS and Police.

Therefore, if we don’t demand justice for all now, it is Ile-Ife today nobody knows who is next. My prayer is that we will not become second class citizens in Nigeria as Nigerians.

Dear President Buhari, please don’t allow praise singers to sink your government by telling you only what you want to hear. It is your government and all bucks will be recorded in your name. So save this nation from unending injustice.

Ifedayo Obi,
Lead Partner, Good Governance Advocates

Source: The Nigerian Voice (opinions)