Wenger – Arsenal Need To Improve Defensively

By Ibrahim Taiwo , The Nigerian Voice Sports

Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger has admitted that he needs to find a solution to Arsenal’s shambolic defending.

The Gunners have conceded 34 goals in 25 EPL matches this season same with Relegation-threatened West Brom Albion.

Our defensive numbers arena��t good enough,a�? Wenger said on Friday during his pre-match press conference.

a�?We needed strengthening because we have to improve our defensive numbers to make the top four.

a�?I will adapt to the difficulties we face and must see how the idea I have works. We are flexible a�� we can play with a back three or four.

It is a lack of focus in vital moments. At Swansea, we had 75 percent of possession and we are so obsessed with wanting to win the game.

a�?But it is about finding the balance.a�?

Wenger also said there is a possibility he could play his quartet of attacking players together if the need arises.

a�?It is always possible. Will I do it? Maybe a�� I dona��t know,a�? he said.

a�?He (Aubameyang) started (training) yesterday (Thursday) but wasna��t completely well. I will see the medical department.

a�?He is a typical striker with great pace and a good ratio between games played and goals scored. He is a team player.a�?


SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (sport)

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