Whack-a-Trump in the Anger Room

DECISION 2016: Giant Trump Effigy Burns in England on Anniversary of Gunpowder Plot November 0518:49

A giant effigy of Donald Trump went up in flames during a spectacular fireworks display on November 5. The Republican presidential nominee, seen holding the head of his opponent Hillary Clinton, was torched on the anniversary of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. The Trump effigy in Edenbridge, was only one of two Trump caricatures set alight during the celebrations, with more Trump figures in Lewes meeting the fire. Other political figures thrown into the bonfire included Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Nigel Farage. Credit: Facebook/Edenbridge Bonfire Society

Fireworks explode as flames engulf an effigy of Donald Trump. Picture: AFP

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FROM just $25, Americans can take their weapon of choice and vent their blind political rage and wreak havoc inside a special “Anger Room” complete with a Donald Trump mannequin.

The Mirror reports the Dallas warehouse in Texas has seen a “yuge” surge in business since Trump was elected President in November.

Warehouse owner Donna, 31, charges $25 (AU$33) for five minutes of smashing up TVs, sofas desks, computers, potted plants, old videos, printers, pictures, and just about any other item asked for.

But for $500 (AU$664, smashers can get themselves a custom room set-up. The most expensive scene asked for so far has been a replica of the Oval Office with a Trump mannequin at the desk.

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Donna told The Mirror the destruction was “like therapy”. She said people left feeling “a whole lot better having whacked the hell out of something”.

“Forget Donald Trump’s pledge to make America great again,” Donna told The Mirror.

“He’s made America hate again — the bookings have gone through the roof.

“I know the President has spoken about wanting to make American businesses succeed, but he helped mine long before his inauguration.

Anger Room

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“There is no fake news or anyone with a fake fuse here. The anger is very real.”

Anti-Trump messages have been scrawled across the warehouses’ “Wall of Shame”, which provides the backdrop to the stress-relief sessions.

Crowbars, lump hammers, crutches and two-by-four table legs form part of the array of weapons customers can choose as the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want blasts from the speakers.

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