Whistle-blower claims Uriel fought TBoss over payporte dress

So, it seems Uriel and TBoss are having a fall out…

Yesterday night, someone came on Uriel’s page to accuse her of hating on TBoss after a dress TBoss modeled sold faster than the one she’s been modeling.

Then, TBoss fans came for Payporte, the online store for giving credits to the “sold out clothes” to Uriel, instead of TBoss.

The comment by the fan reads:

‘I hate this Uriel so much . I just heard Uriel and Tboss had issues with Payporte some days ago. Pretender Uriel, are you jealous of Tboss? I know u are pained that Payporte is using her and the clothes she is modeling are selling out faster’

Uriel replied her.. and He replied indeed confirmed something happened. When she mentioned: “You need to ask what happened”

“You need to ask what happened no one had issues my Gosh.. pls just go with your negative vibes pls.. Think TBoss is a beautiful woman I don’t have anything to prove to you.. understand this very well.. I pay my bills and my mothers medical bills I run a business I’m all about love.”

See the comments Below:

Uriel fought TBoss

Uriel fought TBoss

Recently, TBoss and Uriel both rocked a Red dress by Payporte. Uriel styled the dress with beige sandals and a black choker necklace while TBoss rocked the same red off-shoulder dress with multicoloured sandals and gold jewellery.

Uriel fought TBoss

Some comments from TBoss Fans:

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