Why my policies, programmes, projects are unpopular, by Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday declared that his decision to move against very powerful individuals remains unpopular and challenging. He explained that most of his administration’s policies and programmes were also being rejected by only those whose interest has been affected.

The president, who spoke when he received the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) led by its chairman, Omoniyi Akinsiju, at the State House, Abuja, assured his visitors that he would put together a formidable team to deliver his Next Level mandate to Nigerians.

Exactly 34 days since his inauguration on May 29 for a second term in office, Buhari is yet to appoint a cabinet. It is unclear if it will take the president as long as the period it took him in 2015 to constitute the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

There are already criticisms and concerns from stakeholders and citizens who fear the economic dangers the delay portends for the country. The Nigerian leader said: “It is not an easy job to sell the administration’s services, as we are doing unpopular things and facing powerful individuals and taking on vested interests who are accustomed to the corrupt era.

“But we must do things the right way. If we promised change, then we must deliver it. This is regardless of whose interest is touched. There must be a manifest departure from the old order.“We are making significant progress and this is evident. Despite attempts by enemies to twist and bend facts, most Nigerians know the truth.”

Buhari, in 2015, attributed his failure to expeditiously constitute his cabinet to his quest to assemble a capable team that would galvanise the administration’s programmes. He had also said he also needed to restructure the ministries to effect his party’s mantra of change in government processes and operations.

The president, who said he was aware of the anxiety and impatience exercised by Nigerians, said those feelings were unfounded, as he intended to do things “methodically and properly.”

The nation’s first citizen again assured the citizenry of his resolve to leave Nigeria better the raging security challenges notwithstanding.

Also in the delegation is Tunde Thompson, who was imprisoned under the draconian Decree 4 of 1983 by his then military administration.

The leader of the team, Akinsiju, had stated: “The organisation regularly commissions the writing and publishing of newspaper opinion articles and press statements to elucidate and amplify government programmes and clarify socio-economic and political issues being undertaken by the administration.”

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SOURCE :The Nigerian Voice (local news)

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