Wisconsin State Journal

Taxes in Illinois is having a positive effect so far in Wisconsin.  FatWallet.com is moving it’s headquarters to Beloit.  Although this does not mean any immediate jobs, I’m hopeful that there may be jobs available in the future as the company grows.  I’ve always been a fan of FatWallet.  They really have some great money saving ideas and deals.

(From the Wisconsin State Journal)
FatWallet.com, an Internet source for online coupons and deals, will move to Beloit from Rockton, Ill., this week. The move was sparked by a new law in Illinois that requires online retailers to collect sales tax.

FatWallet is not an online retailer of products, but is an affiliate of Amazon.com and other online retailers. The new law requires online retailers to collect sales tax in states where they have an affiliate, warehouse, distribution center or other presence. The Warehouse is the most important as they are used by the  manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc.  There are many options for renting commercial warehouse space, They often have cranes and forklifts for moving goods so the product is the most expensive to loose. You

The company posts coupons and deals on its website, which also features user-generated content about retail deals. It makes money through its partnerships with online retailers, earning referral fees or commissions from the coded coupons.

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FatWallet, which has 54 employees, will move to 100 E. Grand Ave. It’s the former headquarters of Kerry Ingredients, which moved to an expanded facility near the interchange of Interstates 39/90 and 43 in Beloit in 2009.

Beloit and Rockton are eight miles apart. The move does not create any new jobs, but the company is planning for growth.

“Moving closer to a city like Madison should present some opportunities to explore a larger talent pool as we grow the company with new developments and expand work force moving forward,” FatWallet spokesman Brent Shelton said.