Ymagis' CinemaNext Unveils New Premium Cinema Model

Sphera will be featured next week at theater owners confab CinemaCon.

CinemaNext, the exhibitor services unit of France-based Ymagis, is introducing a new premium cinema model next week at CinemaCon.

Dubbed Sphera, it combines Ymagis’ high dynamic range cinema projection system EclairColor (which also supports 4K and 3D), a wall-to wall screen and immersive sound, as well as a lobby area, bar area and an Eames-inspired seat design covered with material to reduce light reflection. The plan also involves a lighting system that can be programmed to reflect content or mood.

With Sphera, Ymagis becomes the latest company to introduce a branded cinema model such as Dolby Cinema.

The business model and costs were not included in the initial announcement of Sphera, but Ymagis indicated that it aims to support auditoriums of all sizes. “It is our ambition to provide exhibitors — whether they operate small, medium or large-size cinema complexes — with a new turnkey solution that will help them dramatically enhance the audience experience with impressive cinematic visuals, immersive audio and state-of-the-art contemporary design,” said Jean Mizrahi, founder and CEO of Ymagis Group.

The HDR system EclairColor began to roll out last year and is currently offered in about a dozen cinemas in France and Germany; Ymagis aims to expand the format into the U.S market.

Source: hollywood (technology)