Zahra Buhari’s Husband Ahmed Indimi “busted” for flaunting someone else’s $100m as his

Ahmed Indimi, the husband of Zahra Buhari may have been busted for lying about his account balance.

Today, nosy Instagrammers called up the 2013 story of the oil executive, when he reportedly posted an ATM slip showing a whopping $99,864,731.94 stashed in a Capital One Bank. Popular northern blog Maktoub had made a screenshot of the post before Ahmed deleted it.

And, since this story made the rounds, everyone believed that the son of the CEO of Oriental Energy Resources, had such an amount in his account. It is not on record that Ahmed Indimi clarified that it wasn’t his account balance.

Also, when news of his marriage plans to Zahra Buhari surfaced, the account balance story resumed making the rounds on social media, adding flesh to the claims that Ahmed is indeed a young billionaire.

He did not set the records straight.

Well, it has been months since Ahmed and Zahra’s lavish Abuja wedding, and now some nosy fans have investigated, and reports show that the same slip was actually from a 2011 report which alleged that the slip belongs to a popular Wall Street banker, David Tepper.

According to Daily Mail, the slip was picked up by a “member of the public who passed it on to a financial blogger who posted it on the internet.” The news earned the hedge fund manager a lot of backlash, especially because the slip showed that the said amount was stashed in a savings account.

Shortly after, David Tepper spoke up, denying that the slip belongs to him. “I would never do something as irresponsible as leaving $100million in a savings account,” he said.

The real owner was never identified. And 2 years later, Ahmed Indimi reportedly shared the same slip. And since he never set the records straight, Nigerians went along with the storyline.

So, has the in-law of the president been caught lying?

Hopefully, he will break his silence now.

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