Zimbabwe okays payment of school fees with goats

Zimbabwean state authorities say local people can now offer livestock like goats or perform some work at schools as a way of paying school fees for children.

Primary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora and the ministry’s permanent secretary Sylvia Utete Masango told the state-controlled Sunday News newspaper that this can be done by parents failing to raise cash in an economy hard-hit by crippling money shortages.

Dokora is quoted by the newspaper as saying schools should be flexible and ensure that people without cash can either pay fees in the form of livestock or offer their services to school authorities.

“On the issue of livestock, the community has to arrange a market where everyone participates; from the school authorities, local leadership and parents themselves to avoid being duped.”

His sentiments were echoed by Utete Masango who said, “In terms of valuation, school heads will stand in for the primary and secondary education ministry and school development committee members for parents. They will jointly determine the value of livestock, and can then use the money realized to upgrade school infrastructure or help with agriculture.”

This move has set the social media sphere on fire with some people claiming that the government has crippled all operations in the country, forcing it to come up with an idea of batter trade in schools.


SOURCE: African Spotlight